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  • Few of the Fallen

    Carlie sits all alone at lunch again
    ​​​​​​on the inside she's breaking insane
    school over she cuts for the first time
    something she can feel its not a crime
    she wants it all to be normal to be fine
    from atop the fridge she takes dads wine

    People break and people tare
    there lives fail and they are bare
    no one watched and she was broke
    no one cared enough and spoke

    Dave is 30 just lost his dead end job
    he drank to much and his head did throb
    he has no family no one on which to lean
    spends the next few days trying to clean
    runs out of savings and looses his home
    killed himself jumped off a tower in rome

    People break and people tare
    there lives fail and they are bare
    no one cared and he stopped too
    if I waved hi i just need a clue

    Samantha is 40 just got a divorce
    had 3 children chose to leave no force
    she's all alone works as a lawyer
    runs from life before it can destroy her
    no one loves her they never stop bye
    she burned herself and only asked why

    People break and people tare
    there lives fail and they are bare
    People left and never came back
    it drove her mad her mind pitch black

    Jake was just 14 and already broke
    abusive home and hardly ever spoke
    he cried himself to sleep never healed
    only a year later an emotional shield
    nothing could phase him nothing came close
    he killed himself and off a bridge he goes

    people broken already torn
    life fallen apart and naked bare
    now he's dead never gets another chance
    he ran from life into an eternal dance
    Master in Training
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    Part of life is suffering a heavy load for far too've definitely captured that here. It reads like a song to me - with the repeat stanza as refrain - was that your intent?


    • DepressingPoem
      Master in Training
      DepressingPoem commented
      Editing a comment
      It started as a song i wrote and I adapted it a little bit to make it a bit more like poetry