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  • Brighter

    The sunlight’s daily blessing shrinks
    Leaving Autumn to disperse and pave the way for winter
    Its scouts fall to the ground, An August moment
    Steps back, as winter prepares to step forward

    A father having learnt lockdowns lessons
    Ponders, his prospects unsure of his purpose
    His daughter’s path diverges by degree
    Signposted to a futures design that’s academic

    Another new normal emerges, to merge with life
    Routines removed or rescheduled for a writer
    Who refuses to become the pasts participle
    And march to the banal beat of the humdrum

    Provisioned for Inquisition and expedition
    A whole world of self-discovery awaits
    To ignite the kindling of her talent
    Her flame flickers, burns a little brighter now

    Home is where the heart is, but love has no limits
    Pride in his offspring can never be unwound
    His fatherly faith will always follow her progress
    The flame in his heart burns a little brighter now

    A gift to the future. Her spirit shines
    Burns a little brighter now.
    The future is hers. His hope shared
    Burns a little brighter now
    Burns a little brighter now

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    Uplifting, encouraging, celebratory - wonderful versing and so, so hopeful! Thank you for this!


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      Thank you RhymeLovingWriter Thank you for your comments.
      My poem is about my daughter going to University leaving me wondering about my own role. This is not just a simple parting more a crossroads where she is on the road that releases her talent and will allow her to show her potential. A milestone and I am so proud. My role as family man has always been my armour against Parknsons. That armour feels a bit heavier at the moment. My role as family man has not disappeared just become long range. Our children are our hope and they will shine