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  • Life

    tears held back won't touch my face
    life is in shambles fallen from grace
    I used to laugh to cry to love the world
    fear and anxiety bottled now escapes
    best to fight battle and loose your life
    or end it now would we be void of strife

    wrong to wish to close the door
    to see what's not there anything more
    is it wrong to want to dream those dreams
    knowing that in doing your tore at the seams
    knowing it will be painful that you'll go to hell
    Now i ask your opinion The Kid In A Cell

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    Going to hell may not be that bad, if it's real,
    Because many of us are sinners, bad, running around with the steel,
    I used to have thoughts about throwing away my dreams,
    But that was before I met the members and had no team,
    Brothers that look out for you when your down,
    Never their target, never their clown,
    Always stick to the code, no disrespect,
    Although we come from all over, we speak the same dialect,
    No longer do I want to die, not because I fear it,
    But because I now my life has purpose, and now others care about it,
    Now that I know others value my life,
    I am ready to go through the storm, struggles, pain, and strife.
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      I like what you guys are doing here. Following if you choose to continue.


      • DepressingPoem
        DepressingPoem commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks I thought it would be fun calling someone out