Continually disturbed
F***ed up in mind
Every word
Put me in chains
Explain my brains

All paint
All pain
Shows I’m insane

Take me to the fields
Outside of Auvers
Set my easel to capture the stars
There are nights in my mind
Only the canvas can be defined

Where is the love
That you express
My beating heart
Blown up inside my colorful chest

With every stroke, I slow down
And like every brush, I’m put down

Wood can be fastened like a cradle
I’m only flesh
Spun like a dreidel

I have delivered my very soul
But this world of reality
Has taken it’s toll

With laughter behind my back
Nothing I gain, nothing I lack

You as a witness in harbored clothes
Comes as the scent of evening
This I suppose

I will live on
I will live on
F***k all the colors
F***k all the chaos
Beyond what has happened
Beyond what I feel
F***k all the travesty
I leave with no propers

But I in your lifetime
Will truly be real