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  • Hip Hop Poetry :)

    [Hip Hop Bards]

    Yo, I need sum info
    How am I supposed to know
    one plus one equals a window?
    They tryna get in, tho
    And I'm tryna win, tho
    Use them as a minnow.
    What is that, bro?
    It's bait, Normy such a weirdo.
    Too late, it has been so.
    But hey, that's just the intro...

    I've been drinkin' my lines under the stars
    'cause they be sayin' I got bars.
    Wanting the smoke like I got cigars.
    I told you before I ain't got no scars.
    Like I'm a God of war pulling the sun out your Ares
    so you can shit in some jars.
    I'm tired of these basic & broken lines, like glass shards.
    So stop askin' me to write you songs in Afrikaans.
    I ain't with that shit, y'all a bunch of Ceasars
    'cause y'all got monkey bars
    Writin' 'bout money, bad bitches & rented cars.
    Meanwhile, y'all gettin' paid by SARS?!
    Buying bullshit like retards.
    So don't bother me, I have a different cause.
    I'm speeding in from a thousand yards
    Call me hip hop bards.

    Now listen...
    I don’t take the stairs, they're always up to something.
    That's why I'm elevated like I'm a sun-king.
    It's my elevate head, like I'm some being.
    'Cause I'm animated, that's why they're fleeing.
    They gettin' aggravated 'cause of what I'm breeding.
    Never terminated, not even when you're dreaming.

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    Big Normy Hey there - welcome to the zone. I don't know if this is a form I could ever master (or should ever attempt), but it's got a rhyme quality that I really enjoy.

    Nicely done.


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      Hi I am glad you enjoy my art. Thank you so much for your feedback


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        Ay, that's 🔥


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          Welcome and amazeing.