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The last Tuesday

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    Beautiful imagery evoked in your word choices and phrasing. The last line, "Then that will be that" has a slamming, Seussian finality to it.

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  • The second
    started a topic The last Tuesday

    The last Tuesday

    The last Tuesday

    Forgive me I pray
    The path god has chosen
    Wilderness, desert, mountain
    Has lead me astray

    A movie is ending
    With me fast asleep
    White noise, soothing
    Lean, then I leap

    R.E.M; sweat on the brow
    A light in the window
    Thunder and lighting
    I roll then I bow

    Leaves of young maple
    Touch children, play
    Beauty, their laughter
    Grown now, they stay

    Moss in the wood
    Dress flowing stepped
    Cheek on his shoulder
    This picture I’ve kept

    Whisper a trinket
    Shadow or sun, closed to my ear
    Cup filled relentless
    Love swelled my dear

    Blue stones of magic
    Trickle of rain
    Searching for Abel
    I found only Cain

    Yellow the sun
    White lofty cloud
    Green body pierced
    Pricked beneath shroud

    Day after tomorrow
    Tuesday we’ll meet on the flat
    Pastry, lemon, cream and tea
    sip finality, friendship, philosophy

    Then that will be that