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HIp Hop Poetry allowed?

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  • HIp Hop Poetry allowed?

    [MY ZONE]

    "I don’t cry no more, don't look to the sky no more"
    But why I gotta say they wishin' death on me for
    But they ain't wishin any good on me for sure
    But I'm grown, matured, I aint got no more sore
    I'm focused, my eyes only on the score
    I don’t care who ain't here for me anymore
    I'm burning cold right down to my core
    This is my zone, no need to explore
    Leave it alone, no need to start no war
    It's an uproar like my beast paw or my beast claw

    Yeah I'm on beast mode, 'bout to feast on
    From whatever bestowed, wherever you strode!
    So at least tho', you better watch yo' east ho'!
    Look, this is my code...
    It doesn't matter if I ain't on track, I'm still on the right railroad
    I got a trainload, feel like I'm 'bout to explode
    That's why my mind keeps on racin' when I'm on this brain boat
    Can't you tell? I'm inspired by the g.o.a.t.
    Straight from my Taurus episode
    Something not even Chuck Norris wrote
    So Imma keep it deeper than the Morris Code
    It's a keeper when I got 'em jumpin' like a forest toad.
    So behold, what you're reading here is pure gold.

    *Any feedback on this please*

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    Certainly it is welcomed! Welcome to the Forum - a pleasure to have you here.
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      Aaayyyy!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥