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    Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,
    Snapchat, WhatsApp, Flixster.

    Myspace, Meetup, Tik Tok,
    Classmates, WeChat, Skyrock.

    Athlinks, Nextdoor, Reddit,
    Bubbly, MeetMe, Steemit.

    Peanut, Caffeine, Yubo,
    Wattpad, Ello, Vero.

    Elpha, Valence, Likee,
    WeMe, Badoo, beBee.

    Discord, Mixi, Tumblr,
    Ozone, Care2, Flickr.

    Xanga, SoundCloud, Triller,
    Imgur, Quora, Viber.

    Countless, Sundry, Many,
    Other Places Plenty.
    People Clearly Approve,
    “Social” FaceFace Remove?
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    Thank you - I was surprised what I found when I got the idea.


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      OK...I think I've heard of about four or five of these, Bob! You are WAY ahead of me. Cleverly rhymed!


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        I imagine there are many more - these are the ones that I could Find that fit into my lame Rhyme.


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          Thanks for sharing


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            I think that you need to create an account on Instagram and also create a special group here as well. Maybe connected to this forum, maybe to anything else. Thus, I believe, you would attract a lot of people by simply making content, Bob.

            But be aware of fake followers. Instagram does not like these types of "users", so it usually deletes/blocks those accounts on which there are a lot of fake followers. If you want, I can recommend you to check the good program on that website in order to put a defense against fake followers or inactive users.

            My sister is using it while she has her own business in instagram. So, maybe it will be useful for you as well. I believe so :3


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              So much social media Bob. Nicely done.


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                Thank you!