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    Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,
    Snapchat, WhatsApp, Flixster.

    Myspace, Meetup, Tik Tok,
    Classmates, WeChat, Skyrock.

    Athlinks, Nextdoor, Reddit,
    Bubbly, MeetMe, Steemit.

    Peanut, Caffeine, Yubo,
    Wattpad, Ello, Vero.

    Elpha, Valence, Likee,
    WeMe, Badoo, beBee.

    Discord, Mixi, Tumblr,
    Ozone, Care2, Flickr.

    Xanga, SoundCloud, Triller,
    Imgur, Quora, Viber.

    Countless, Sundry, Many,
    Other Places Plenty.
    People Clearly Approve,
    “Social” FaceFace Remove?
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    Thank you - I was surprised what I found when I got the idea.


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      OK...I think I've heard of about four or five of these, Bob! You are WAY ahead of me. Cleverly rhymed!


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        I imagine there are many more - these are the ones that I could Find that fit into my lame Rhyme.


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          Nice rhyme! Love it! Oh, by the way, I'm doing a survey on social media for my university project, and I thought I'd ask here, which is your favorite social media platform? Mine is, by all means, Instagram. It used to be Facebook, but I feel like all the teenagers nowadays switched to Instagram. I've actually just hit 3K followers on my creative account, it's called @pastrybynona, and I'm so happy! My posts are also getting so many likes; it's insane! P.S. This is all thanks to! Highly recommend their services!
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            Thanks for sharing


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              I prefer Instagram more because this social network allows you to become popular very quickly. Followers increase every day if you actively manage your account. Many Instagram users complain that followers unsubscribe, but this is expected if you don't devote enough time to your account. In my profile, there are only photos in a black and white style that are currently trending. I don't buy advertising from bloggers, like most, because I consider it ineffective. The right advice from can help you increase the reach of story views.
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              • D.F.Russell
                D.F.Russell commented
                Editing a comment
                What is our life? The play of passion.
                Our mirth? The music of division:
                Our mothers’ wombs the tiring-houses be,
                Where we are dressed for life’s short comedy.
                The earth the stage; Heaven the spectator is,
                Who sits and views whosoe’er doth act amiss.
                The graves which hide us from the scorching sun
                Are like drawn curtains when the play is done.
                Thus playing post we to our latest rest,
                And then we die in earnest, not in jest.

                -- Sir Walter Raleigh