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    Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,
    Snapchat, WhatsApp, Flixster.

    Myspace, Meetup, Tik Tok,
    Classmates, WeChat, Skyrock.

    Athlinks, Nextdoor, Reddit,
    Bubbly, MeetMe, Steemit.

    Peanut, Caffeine, Yubo,
    Wattpad, Ello, Vero.

    Elpha, Valence, Likee,
    WeMe, Badoo, beBee.

    Discord, Mixi, Tumblr,
    Ozone, Care2, Flickr.

    Xanga, SoundCloud, Triller,
    Imgur, Quora, Viber.

    Countless, Sundry, Many,
    Other Places Plenty.
    People Clearly Approve,
    “Social” FaceFace Remove?
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    Thank you - I was surprised what I found when I got the idea.


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      OK...I think I've heard of about four or five of these, Bob! You are WAY ahead of me. Cleverly rhymed!


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        I imagine there are many more - these are the ones that I could Find that fit into my lame Rhyme.


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          Thanks for sharing


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            So much social media Bob. Nicely done.


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              Thank you!


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                From reconnecting with old school buddies on Classmates to finding like-minded souls on Reddit, it's like a whole virtual world out there. And to think, some of these platforms, like Facebook and YouTube, have become a part of our daily routine. I'm guilty of spending way too much time on YouTube, falling down those rabbit holes of interesting videos. I've heard about the Buy Verified Active Gmail Accounts program, and I think it's a pretty good way to promote yourself to a larger audience. This way you can easily do mailing lists and get new accounts on any social media platforms. In this ever-changing digital landscape, new platforms keep popping up like mushrooms after rain. But hey, isn't it incredible how the internet keeps evolving to cater to our social needs?
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