Constitution Day-September 17

09-14-2019, 09:12 PM

Something I just whipped up , enjoy

Constitution Day-September 17 ( c ) Glen Mitton 2019

Don't be fooled we're not closed we're open
That's what the bad guys are hoping
Granted our sign needs a few tubes
They're being purposely shot out , and that's just rude !
Under the same management , the other was defeated
Thank you for joining us today , please be seated
We have been in business for over 243 years
Due to the fact of some very fine volunteers
Our " signed menu " is and still remains relevant
Your server tonight will be Ben E. Volence
Any questions , don't be hesitant to ask
It is four pages long and is still intact
There is some Latin but it's mostly English
The items stated are most distinguished
It was penned by a clerk for $30 ( $850 today )
Jacob Shallus gets the credited honor *
Come back this Tuesday for free apple pie !
Sept 17 , it's Constitution Day , that's why
No where does the word Democracy appear
Unlike today's unpatriotic cavaliers
They continue to picket and stir the pot
It's obvious for them the " FREEDOM KITCHEN " is to hot
They want to replace the " soup du jour " with hatred
" Push it " , as they're ultimately persuaded
Their menu is tainted with spite
All to the greed of corporate delight
For dessert they want to serve up contempt
As their collective chefs in the back are exempt
No hesitation though in handing you the tab
Then expect a gratuitous tip ! , just another jab
Give a bad review and your targeted !
" Help " ! , I yelp , " is this where our heart is " ?
I wonder how many " stars " they'd get in the Michelin Guide ?
Then why would you care when your preoccupied
The bottom line is controlled by bottom feeders
We're being handcuffed and sidelined on the bleachers
No one cares if the goal posts are moving
While all the refs and guards are snoozing
Sure , the cheerleaders are nice , but look at the score board
How many more losses can we afford ?
Ben will be right with you , he is the tops
You will find it SRO because this place rocks
Our Founding Forefathers were definitely farsighted
Freedom is best served "Plentiful and United "


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