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    I try to keep it lit with these lyrics that I spit,
    But they won't Listen to me anyway 'cause they think I'm still a kid,
    I came from the midst of the dark 'cause that's where I found my spark,
    I'm just tryna do my part I'm not tryna leave a mark,
    And what's up with these kids? 'cause with them i can't mix,
    got some problems I can't fix, but I ain't falling for his tricks,
    I'm recording from a cage, but this ain't what she made,
    This life is just a game, don't be depressed 'cause I'm the one to blame.

    And it's true, all the things we've been through,
    trying to hold on to all the things I remember 'bout you,
    It was cool but the whole time i tried not to blow a fuse,
    How i mused about all the things that we used to do,
    And no, I haven't been alright, I just can't seem to grow,
    And I didn't mean to hurt you, I swear, I didn't know,
    Haven't done this in so long that i thought I lost my flow,
    And I'm sorry i got you waiting so long for me to come home,
    Like, I've been trying to do my best, but they perceive me as a pest,
    Got no time for me to rest, and about their problems I care less,
    Have ideas that don't click and all this talk is making me sick,
    So many choices, I can't pick, can't change my fate just roll with it,
    To the changes I adapt, I'm unique and that's a fact,
    Pay no attention to the past, if you do you'll end up last,
    Broken heart don't need a cast, "love ain't shit!", no don't say that,
    And you don't need to ask 'cause you know that I'll come back.

    Got so many masks that I don't know which one's the real me,
    That smile on your face is what I think of lately,
    Was surprised when you told me that you hated me,
    Cuts on your wrists, I feared for your safety,
    Was blinded by my pride so I couldn't see,
    Was controlled by that monster, don't you agree?
    Wasn't in control of my voice so I couldn't speak,
    At that time love was the only thing that I was in need....

    Yours Truly,
    The Kid In A Cell

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    Cool, heady thoughts, Kid. Nice post and welcome. JPTIII


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      ###Try to get most of the songs clean, and get some hip-hop instrumentals, trap instrumentals, lo-fi hip-hop mixes and chillstep mixes. And I guess you’ve already put some of your own tracks bro.
      Polo g {
      Albums (
      Die A Legend
      The GOAT
      Hall of Fame
      Hall of fame 2.0
      Yungeen ace {
      Who I smoke
      Opps ft. Jayda youngan
      Phora {
      Sinner pt. 2
      Fake smiles
      Night owls
      Stay true
      Deeper than blood
      My story
      YNW Melly {
      Murder on My Mind
      Mind of Melvin
      Mama cry
      Take Kare
      21 Savage {
      10 freaky girls
      No heart
      A Lot
      Bank account
      No opp left behind
      Letter 2 my mama
      Mr. right now
      All my friends
      Lil Uzi Vert {
      XO tour Lif3
      You was right
      V12 (ft. iann dior)
      Vince Staples {
      Are you with that
      Sundown town
      The shining
      Mac miller {
      Best day ever
      Mick Jenkins {
      Lil Durk {
      Stay down
      Watch yo homie
      Album (The Voice)
      Star song (ft. sally sosa)
      King Von {
      How it go
      Crazy story
      3 am
      Quando Rondo {
      I remember
      Scarred from love
      Imperfect flower
      Lil Tjay {
      Ice cold
      One take
      Pray for me
      From nothing
      Lil tecca {
      When you down
      A boogie with da hoodie {
      So cold
      Stay alive
      Me and my aguitar
      Lil baby {
      Close friends
      Emotionally scarred
      Kodak black {
      Tunnel vision
      Too many years
      PnB Rock {
      Juice Wrld{
      All girls are the same
      Lucid dreams
      Can’t die
      Lean wit me
      Armed and dangerous
      Used to
      I think you’re really cool
      “Just get some of his albums you’re familiar with, dude”
      Medz Boss {
      My Life
      More life
      Fear we
      Young boy NBA {
      No Smoke
      House arrest things
      Self control
      Solar eclipse
      Valuable pain
      38 baby
      Roddy rich {
      Die young
      Down below
      Ballin’ ft. mustard
      Rags to riches ft. rod wave
      Walk em down

      Other {
      Mooski – track star
      Silk boss - mankind
      Lil Zay Osama – changed up
      Lil zay osama – trencherous
      Lil zay osama – survive
      EKT 40 – Everything King Terk
      Shane e – No trust dem
      Shane e – blessing
      Shane e – one wish
      Prince swanny – watch yuh friend
      Popcaan – dreams
      Popcaan – wah suh
      Popcaan – stronger now
      Popcaan – real thugs
      Masicka – stay strong
      Chronic law – eyes open
      Chronic law – bless me
      Chronic law – plastic smile
      Masicka – I know
      TeeJay – True friends
      Teejay – Days dem
      Squash – Skillful
      Teejay – owna lane
      Demarco – my time
      Popcaan – traumatized
      Popcaan – firm and strong
      Prince swanny - my team
      Prince swanny – radar
      Born king – fully devil up
      Plumpy boss – Energy
      Kalonji – triple
      10tik – roll deep
      Trinibad mix – 2018,2019, 2020
      Brad – gwan so
      Prince swanny – best friend
      Plumpy boss – cyah frighten we
      Ice dan – Load up
      Prince swanny – dreams
      Prince swanny – ungrateful
      Prince swanny – sweet cake
      Prince swanny – heathen
      Teflon – hurricane
      K lion – extraordinary
      K lion – rise up
      K lion – my team
      Masicka - chance
      Jae prynse – try harder
      Shane e – gone sleep
      Teejay – gangsta prayer
      Popcaan – friends like these
      Teejay – day one
      Zerimar – switch
      Zerimar – 911
      Zeerimar – make it
      Menor menor – sigo aqui
      450 – imperfection
      450 – journey
      Brad ft. vers - in this life
      Cj Dan ft. vers – protect yo life
      popcann ft. dre island - we pray