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The China I Knew

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  • The China I Knew

    The China I Knew was Welcome and Warm,
    Friendships I made – Most Lucky to Form.
    Country was Lovely – the People were Kind,
    Relaxed and Serene was My State of Mind.

    Trip to get There was Dulling at Best,
    Twenty-Eight hours with Marginal Rest.
    Excited to Hear that Landing Sound,
    Finally Touched Down on China’s Ground.

    My Manager met Me and Always Glad,
    Became a Dear Friend – A Son never Had.
    I am so Grateful for Business done There,
    Memories Clear I managed to Snare.

    Years have now Passed to Twelve and some More,
    Since I have set Foot beyond China’s Shore.
    Things that I Read or See on the News,
    Brings Me such Sadness – Might call “China Blues.”

    Now I Sit here and Looking Back,
    Moving along on Nostalgia’s Track.
    As growing Older - hope Visions don’t Fade,
    ‘Bout my Time in China and Friends that I Made.

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    I think writing your memories into poetry like this helps keep the good times alive. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us in the Zone.


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      Thank you for the comments!