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Leep of faith "ik leap is spelt wrong"

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  • Leep of faith "ik leap is spelt wrong"

    Lend me an ear hear of my fear
    eternally dark no sound not a spark
    empty alone all over all grown
    pinnacle of life far faded with strife

    open meadow i can see but within not to be
    fears gather and break only have a single take

    fantasy fiction and I are one in the same
    alone but to close unfortunately chose
    ignite aflame but be it all the same
    to night I'll dance my last dance
    hell bound and stuck to a trance
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    Great word choices give this a sense of motion within and between stanzas despite kind of dark subject matter.


    • DepressingPoem
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      Editing a comment
      Thanks! I Tried really hard to get the flow right.