Cold Case File # 0911.2001 ( c ) Glen Mitton 2018
- Never Forget Never Surrender -

The oldest " solved " cold case file on recorded is 58 years old *
For law enforcement that is an impressive goal
To bring forth justice to those responsible
Even if it seems at times , " mission impossible "
The crime of murder has no statute of limitations
This truly is a godsend to their investigation
Though it's been 20 years since 9/11
I still hold a deep seated aggravation
I think 9/11 should be a cold case file
Don't you ? , I know I'm still in denial
I will never accept their conclusion
It was nothing more than an illusion
On 9/10/2001 , 2.3 Trillion dollars went missing **
The very next day history was written
To cover up their criminal endeavors
We were thrown into a chaotic terror
They didn't care about the lives destroyed
Just so the theft was cast into the void
I don't give a rats $#!+ about the money
I am sadden for all the lost sweethearts and honey's ***
For this reason I pray that this case file remains open
That the TRUE bastards responsible will one day be choking
20 years is nothing as far as a cold case is concerned
Time for evidence to be uncovered and learned
I can only pray someday somehow somewhere someone
Will step forth and help solve cold case file # 0911.2001

* Illinois vs John Tessier convicted Sept. 10, 2012 for the
murder of Marie Ridulph on December , 3 1957

** On 9/10/2001 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in a
televised statement said 2-3 trillion dollars was unaccountable.
The next day the account offices at the pentagon were blown up

*** Total killed in the attacks , 2,753 at the World Trade Center
184 at the Pentagon and 40 aboard Flt # 93 , this total does not include
the " terrorists "