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  • Tale of a Wagon

    the tale of a wagon,
    is about a girl, so good I'm braggin'
    wise as a dragon,
    she's full of love no matter what happens.
    she wears a fuzzy fur coat, soft as satin.
    no doubt
    she's cuddlier than most.
    has whiskers that always stick out.
    at night, she's like a ghost.
    invisible to sight,
    cause her fur absorbs light
    just glowing eyes
    fur her disguise
    with fur on her chin,
    and fur on her skin
    a fur nose for knowin,
    that's where her whiskers are growin
    fur ears for hearin,
    always aware when you're nearin
    but I'm not not fearin
    the claws on her paws
    or the sharp teeth in her jaws
    her heart is boss
    I just don't cross
    her with malintent
    she's free - window always open
    she's one of my best friends
    not just my pet
    always sleeps in my bed
    I sure love havin her around
    proud her purr is so loud
    you shout out ..
    how is this about
    a tale of a wagon?
    and I say
    just look at her tail,
    and it's movement pattern