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    They say there's a chosen one, that God sent down only one son.
    Shining bright as the sun, he will lead us to salvation.
    Coming back for revelations.. To destroy man-made creations,
    but I'm thinking different information.
    My aspiration is not to preach, yet my vision seems unique.

    There's a piece of Jesus in each us that has walked on water.
    By helping another, without causing a wave, or splash,
    Without being bothered, they are brave, and just asked,
    "How can I assist?" ... and aids with that task.
    So small, but such a miraculous act.
    When this world seems pure dark black.

    There's a piece of Jesus in each us who have felt betrayal.
    Who believed in trust, though it failed.
    Abandoned, because somebody bailed,
    Feeling alone, as if they were jailed.

    There's a piece of Jesus in each us that reaches into the dark,
    to ignite a spark inside their fallen friends hearts.
    Reminding them they are smart, and pain is only a part,
    of this life, this piece of art, when people love to tell you what you are.

    There's a piece of Jesus in each us that has worn a crown of thorns.
    Torn by people's insensitive words, causing an invisible pain that hurts.
    Discouraged by many, but still treat others gently,
    knowing how that heavy feeling is deadly.

    There's a piece of Jesus in each us that teach us to care.
    That help you save yourself from despair, and seek to be fair.
    Where people dare to be bold, they just span a hand to hold.
    Warm you up when you're feeling cold.
    Because there are some things "You'd rather not know"

    There's a piece of Jesus in each us that endure starvation,
    because their nation, caters to the leaves more than the roots,
    With the way the dictators use taxation, for the tree of society's fruits.
    Disputes through law, no matter what the truth saw. Someone had to be wrong.

    There's a piece of Jesus in each us that sees there's a reason to the rhyme.
    Who tries not- to define, but to understand your mind,
    Seeking to find, what and why, when you try to describe,
    perfection in your eyes, and the borders you decide to divide.

    There's a piece of Jesus in each us that's carried a metaphorical cross,
    for someone who has treated them like they are their historical boss.
    Who falls, but won't take a small loss, or stop from thrown rocks,
    and makes it to their destination at all costs.

    There's a piece of Jesus in each us who paid a price of sacrifice,
    losing bits of their life, because of what others deem to be right.
    Who gave heartfelt advice, and did their best to make you feel nice.
    Added the laughter spice, accepted your vice without a price,
    and adds light to the night with caring insight.

    There's a piece of Jesus in each of us humans.
    When we seek to forgive and make amends.
    When the means justifies the ends.
    When we do our best to be true friends.
    When we let our heart speak through our hands
    and use our mind to enhance our heart's plans,
    or our voice to speak a thoughtful loving stance.

    Since the Bible's creation,
    Our interpretation of Revelations, has been the return of Jesus.
    Back to lead us to salvation.
    I cant help but feel the sensation, he burns inside each us,
    when we embrace him.

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    So beautiful!


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      Originally posted by TaylorBlake View Post
      So beautiful!
      Thank you very much <3

      Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

      Happy Birthday Jesus


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        Truly inspirational piece...celebrating the season! Thank you!


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          Thank you