ohio river

in a taxi cross town
the west end bridge
goes south bound
daddys on the jury
mommys in a hurry
us kiddies like the rivers
cold history gives us shivers
steel has built our world
belts in cars save tears
hair in rollers will be curled
information i exhume
a future you assume
fracture of the east
fed a national beast
fields of grain remain
land of sun becomes insaine
sweat pours from my rooms
the dead rose bud bloombs
deliberate unquenchable thirst
into articulation i burst
stench of the decay
tom my friend passed away
here in jest i try
railway trains glide by
basement wicker has ben set
mortage payment has been met
songs of march, april, may
powers that be as we pray
a root in rock can grow
in the clay, flowers also
cactus on the step
paint of time, peals krept
sage and poppy, oragano
another year, let it sow

i shook twice in the bedroom
i ran once from the windows
firefly and mantis, protectors
boys and the universe
smile, smile, smile

i’m only here for a little while

the second