Unruly upheaval
Chased old gods away
Shiny new ones
Arrived later that day

If you hope to survive
The aborning inquisition
Better find a favored phrase
To justify your condition
When called before
The masters of suspicion
For insufficient memory,
Faulty intuition,
And insidious ideas
Too horrible to mention

Unquestionable answers
To the equivocal question
About an omnipresent mood
Of agitated depression
Received great praise
From the whole profession.
Inspiration, catharsis,
The joy of self-expression,
Obscured in longueurs
On sex and aggression

Navigate those particulars,
Abide undeterred
By the desperate threat
Of a spurious word
To forge artificial obstacles
Urgent and absurd
And even more still
When lines are blurred
Between a shove in a crowd
And a nudge in a herd

Incompletely complicated
And completely mundane
Somehow still not
Completely insane