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Pact With The Devil

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  • Pact With The Devil

    Give up your soul
    What's left of you
    For something more

    Hand over your heart
    Betray yourself
    You are not reborn

    Act before thought
    Just get on with it
    Proceed with the deal

    A coalition
    With hate and hate
    Regret, will you ever feel?

    Make a deal with darkness
    Come one with your own hatred
    All your hopes and dreams
    Fall into the abyss
    What is there to gain
    When you choose the devil?

    Form a bond with darkness
    Come one with your own malice
    All that you were before this day
    Drown into the abyss
    Tell me, what is there to gain?
    Tell me, did the devil choose you?


    Actually someone making a deal with the devil, or in reference to the madcap decision done within Scottish politics... It's a long story.
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    Seems Satan is circling the globe these days, and few read the fine print of taking that deal.


    • Bry89
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      Well, the background of this entry is that the Scottish Green Party are not like any other Green party, as they don't seem that much interested in saving the planet.

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    Bry my partner, the blue boat is sinking. I snorkle above ground every day. The wrist is entry to eternity. I havent the strenth yet