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    looking at the ocean swiming in the sea
    i know we aren't exactly a happy family
    i wish i could be better if i knew how to try
    to be the son you need the one who didn't lie

    I know that you love me I know that you care
    that times are getting tough and life is so unfair
    I'm sorry that i hurt you I'm sorry I don't try
    I'm scared I'll mess up and then I make you cry

    i try to play pretend to play it as I'm fine
    crumbling on myself start going past the line
    i know I mess things up and that i broke you down
    I know failed myself holding a selfish crown

    i need to know it all to hide the fact
    that my face is really just an act
    i want to run away so i don't face
    the life i lead as a disgrace

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    That first line is beautifully melodic...even though what follows sounds like struggle. Sometime, life is like that, and you've captured it quite well with your verse.