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  • One Good Idea

    One Good Idea

    Ever toss One Good Idea in the Sea of Fate
    ‘cause some kin or buddy said it had no weight?
    When the next one came to tremble your soul,
    those fingers of doubt only strangled it cold.

    No diploma, certificate or college degree
    was required to envision what your vision did see.
    For the God within pulsed a light sublime,
    that One Good Idea that was yours for the time.

    It’s had civilization running after learning to walk;
    babies making speeches after learning to talk,
    scientists, explorers letting loose their Fear,
    Man marching forward on One Good Idea.

    And Faith held together by the glue of Belief
    will rocket that Idea past the hands of a thief
    who hoped to impart some poisoning corruption
    only to find he’s been caught in its suction.

    Perhaps, there’s the crux of an Idea so true,
    its power to magnetize and vibrate in you
    to exalt our Love, to diffuse our Fear,
    like an H-bomb of Change is

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    Can I get a witness??? AMEN! Preach it!


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      Absolutely wonderful.. this resonates with me in so many ways..

      everything i write, i hope to be that one good idea you speak of... and try to help readers see it clearly, just like this

      respect. thank you for sharing.