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Frida's Walk Home from School

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  • Frida's Walk Home from School

    “Beware of all Strangers” Frida Fox had been Told,
    from Parents, and Teachers, and Even the Old.
    "That’s easy to Follow – I won’t Be their Prey,
    for If they Look Mean – I’ll just Run Away.

    Frida from School - Short Cut through the Park,
    was Hurrying Home - Felt route Was a Lark.
    When up To the Right on a Bench near the Wall,
    was a Little Old Lady with Glasses and Shawl.

    Lady told Frida she Needed a Hand,
    "Been Sitting so Long I truly Can't Stand.
    If you’d Take a Minute to Give me a Boost,
    can Get Off this Bench upon Which I Roost."

    The Lady looked Harmless – So Old and So Sick,
    Frida felt No Way this Could Be a Trick.
    But nearing the Lady - Alarms in Her Head,
    remembered the Warnings that Others had Said.

    Frida told the Lady, “I can’t Help you Out –
    you Are a Stranger for that There’s no Doubt.”
    The Lady just Smiled - Continued to Wait,
    ‘til One comes Along and Swallows the Bait.

    The "Python" took off the Glasses and Shawl,
    then Slithered Along to New Bench and Wall.
    To Wait for Another more Trusting of Strangers,
    who Doubted the Warnings along with the Dangers.

    Then "Python" would Have a Meal to Take Home,
    soon Back for Another the "Python" would Roam.
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    In typically precise rhyme you've articulated a darker scenario this time...sort of like a Grimm's fairy tale...wish it was only a story and not reality for far too many. It's so very sad when a young one can't just enjoy the years of childhood without being aware of this kind of stuff.

    Another thought, this lends itself to illustrations. Do you still marry the words and pictures in your work? It'd have to be handled carefully so as not to frighten - I know your kind heart is more about educating - but it seems a valuable message.