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One Hot Weekend

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  • FixXxer
    great work as usual

    for the line...
    to Show that She’s such Hot, Hot Stuff!

    what do you think of...
    to Show how She’s such Hot Stuff!

    imo flows slightly cleaner...
    (pickling at hairs)

    great work no matter your opinion on that.

    i like to offer ways to improve if i see one.
    and respect the same.

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  • BobGrantKC
    started a topic One Hot Weekend

    One Hot Weekend

    Bald Old Man with a Big Gut,
    walked into “The Jewelry Hut.”
    On his Arm – Could not be Hotter,
    babe that Some might Think his Daughter.

    Told the Jeweler – “Need a Ring,
    for My All – this true Sweet Thing!”
    Jeweler showed One - Gave him Chills,
    pricing was Five-thousand Bills.

    Old Man said - That’s not Enough,
    to Show that She’s such Hot, Hot Stuff!
    Next ring Out was Nine Times More,
    came from Jeweler’s Special Drawer.

    Young Babe Screamed and Jumped with Glee,
    Old Guy said, “That one’s for Me.”
    Jeweler asked, “How will you Pay?”
    Old Guy said, “A check’s my Way.”

    Since the Weekend they were In,
    Old Guy offered With a Grin,
    “Hold the Check ‘til Monday’s Week,
    Verify my Funds you Seek?”

    “I will Pick the Ring up Then,
    when I visit you Again.
    You’ll feel Better on that Day,
    Making Sure that I can Pay.”

    Monday Morn and Old Guy’s back,
    Jeweler said, “Funds you Lack?”
    Old Guy said, “The truth might Bend,
    to have Myself - One Hot Weekend!”