I write a lot of poetry, mostly about puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles (and artwork, too), crossword puzzles (using seed words from today's LATimes xword), and the daily Jumble. The latter is the one I want to especially invite you to check out, because I'm not the only poet there. For example, the Jumble solution words last week, August 10, 2021 were entry, abide, loosen, bicker, decrease. My own poem using these words was:

What is love? It is an illusion.
A mist. A mirage. But natheless real.
We enter thru the gates of this delusion
To a funhouse, madhouse, disney land of weal.

Two lovers vow forever to abide.
Yet day to day we each change, we grow.
The match, so perfect on each side,
Will loosen, fray, and weakness show.

We bicker, and harmony sees decrease.
But ardor turns to duty, acquiescence.
Two different people, each with a mythy piece.
What remains is love's essential presence.

There is a game aspect involved, as we, both poets and lurkers, try to see how/where the seed words are embedded. I'd like to invite you to join us at Jumble Hints, http://jumblehints.blogspot.com .

Three of our current poets (including me) use the day's seed words to determine our topics, but one, over the course of several months, has in verse and seamlessly using each day's words, retold the entire Hobbit, Ivanhoe, and is now spinning a tale of his own devising about a romance at Alcoholics Anonymous.