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    Spy in the Wild
    Drones infiltrate
    As cams record
    Natures big brother

    Fox and Guillemot
    Play game of life
    To see who came first
    The chick or cub

    Fox cam plays eye spy
    Watches den
    Films in plain sight
    Chronicle cubs

    Cubs gambol
    Their roll play trains
    Hones hunting skills
    Tenants tenets

    Unflappable chicks
    Guilemots go
    A leap of faith
    A leap for life

    Follows Father
    Yet chick falls short
    From pray to prey
    Foxcub believes
    Race to safety
    Boulder broadcast
    Cam on wheels
    Stalks as fox hunts

    Avian scramble
    Four paws follow
    Brave bird bolder
    Beak holds fox at bay

    An eye in the sky
    Owl cam above
    Tracks fledgeling
    Heads for Fathers call

    Birdbrain outwits
    Cunning of fox
    Bides time in boulders
    Brave final dash

    Edge of survival
    Tumbled over
    Bounced to beach
    Dads call beseech

    Fox on the charge
    Guillemot stumbles
    Towards the surf
    Parent awaits

    Get away complete
    Across water
    Escapes star of
    Wildlife Truman Show

  • #2
    The format of short descriptive bursts paint a powerful picture show...nature's footage and vantage on beautiful display. Nice work, Jon!


    • #3
      The beauty was in the pictures I saw. I just had to represent it


      • #4
        I'd say you succeeded admirably!


        • #5
          wildlife channel might have to try this approach..could add another level of art to it, to have it presented in poem... i like it well done


          • #6
            thank you FixXxer


            • #7
              Reminds me of a good memory... thanks