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  • The Watcher

    Turning the corner on adversity
    Learning how to take control
    Earning the right to a respite
    Yet still the watcher waits in the wings

    Rattle of the tablets in a bottle
    Chattels of my daily defences
    Battle won but battle weary
    Yet still the watcher waits in the wings

    Dissembles of a rogue whisper evokes
    Assembles tremor as attention rests
    A tremble awakes with a handshake
    While the watcher murmurs from the wings

    Rumbles of dissent detracts
    Stumbles within shuffle slow stride
    Mumbles as though with a mouthful
    While the watcher heckles from the wings

    Ascent to climb out of despair
    Constant usurper watches and waits
    Dormant malevolence lurks
    As still the watcher waits in the wings

    Glance as eyes meet watcher watched
    Chance will come but not today
    Dance partners in this slow last prance
    As I watch the watcher waits in the wings

  • #2 write amazing poetry, Jon.


    • #3
      RhymeLovingWriter I don't write many Parkinson's poems nowadays. It is about 15 years since my diagnosis and has been relatively stable although progressing. Medication helps me keep on top of it but lifes challenges are increasing