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  • idk but here it is

    *to the tune of hush little baby don't say a word'

    hear there thoughts feel there fears
    the bell tolls once as fall his tears

    the light starts to dim stars start to fall
    the bell tolls twice as forms her scars

    life starts to break dreams drift apart
    the bell tolls thrice as broke his heart

    begin to wonder and begin to strive
    the bell tolls four as she comes alive

    somethings off no something fake
    the bell tolls five she's not awake

    listen closely to my word
    if you don't you won't be heard
    there is no coming back to life
    she's a demon not your wife

    By: DepressedPoet
    Last edited by DepressingPoem; 07-27-2021, 08:03 PM.

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    busy summer sry for not being on very often
    hopefully things settle down


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      Glad you found time to post...but don't worry...enjoy whatever moment you're living and come back when you can!