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Prelude to a Listen

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  • Prelude to a Listen

    The free fancy tickle sounds so profound
    I don't even notice the spell has me bound
    By its promise I'll be safe and sound
    If I just be silent and keep my head down

    Attempts to form thoughts with any kind of precision
    Increase my supply of doubt and indecision
    Instead of clear articulations of the things I see
    Another faint, out-of-focus image of me
    Tedious and insipid, a bloated apparition
    Conjured by a mediocre magician

    Then faint shimmers in perpetual motion
    Slowly take the form of an inner notion
    The subtle joy of an emerging thought
    Something that can't be caught or bought
    Making its way from brain to lung
    To that final push from an eager tongue

    Nothing more than what we already know
    But still I like to give it a go
    It's no use, can't resist the temptation
    To fumble around with replication
    Try to keep the common wisdom in good repair
    Or else I might forget that it's there

    In your bright eyes, too,
    I see the work in your mind
    As a thought, sound, word
    Begins to unwind

    And in the sharp faces
    Of those who already know
    What they're gonna say
    How they want it to go

    Accumulated knowledge
    They should open a store
    That sells dependence
    And promises more

    That you speak for yourself's my only request,
    A heartfelt appeal not some kind of test
    I'll be eager but patient while you do your best
    To show how a thought can be honestly expressed
    Instead of masquerading like so many of the rest

    No need to hide or rush
    What's behind your eyes
    Serene wonder doesn't need a disguise

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    Don't know if this comment will do your work justice...but I get such a sense of anticipation - expectancy - the "before the pen hits paper (or key hits keyboard) pause" pacing and word choices...from the title to the following lines capturing the essence of what it is to be present to and in a conversation.

    Poldy Nicely done. Will revisit as this feels like one great piece for meditation, then application. Thanks!