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  • BobGrantKC
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  • DaKupo
    started a topic Thoughts


    my life is a placebo effect
    anything i think ill feel i get
    dead set on the fate ive been given
    driven with a desire to believe like religion
    decisions come and go but i continue to grow
    showing myself i can overcome this undertow
    though i find myself without the closure
    im sober again and im getting over the empty feeling i know
    though i go through lifes episodes
    its like im stuck in a tv show
    the remote controls batteries are getting low
    cant change the channel even if i wanted to
    sew the threads into a shape so clear to me
    see the design in the form it ought to be
    resign from the broken things i always see
    inside the image that i paint on everything
    tears in this canvas leave a bruise
    the artist paints the picture dark blue
    not sure what to do next cause hes perplexed
    by the simple fact he doesnt know whats coming next
    hexxed by the constant paranoia in his head
    led to the edge of sanity from what she said
    a calming feeling of sedation from the meds
    a dead mind, numb to the reality torn to shreds
    he throws himself away
    instead of learning to relate
    complicating the situation for no reason
    a season passed by, lost in his minds eye
    a sign of the times, perpetuated by his cries
    a no vacancy written on the front of the sunrise
    the lights shine down but he lives in the dark
    as he embarks into a world of his own art
    apart from the shattered heart in his chest
    the rest of him connected together, such a mess
    tested by the gunfire fired at his bulletproof vest
    compressed into a paper ball he throws away his distress