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  • The Phenomenologist's Sea

    The Phenomenologist’s Sea

    How long the day protracts in one
    Whose days are short- but maritime
    Confounds temporal lag or scrum
    and clockwise accusations’ chime.

    The bellowing sea bowels churn,
    to muster forth in monotone.
    The wayward winds plow waves in turns
    To till the deliquescent foam

    I see the sunlight’s charted jut
    Where sun sprites flash, like diamonds bailed
    from pirate decks through pillage, glut
    I taste littoral points of sail.

    I watch the nascent sun at stress,
    and shed its mane, thereby decline
    and leak laked light, like burst egress
    of peonies siphoned for their shine.
    I see the tract of Sol digress,
    What gallery the rupture’s shrine!
    Yet morn’s incline was artful jest,
    to steep its ball in darksome brine.

    In lofty fancy I have feigned
    Belief that your diurnal stretch
    to shoreline strove but to amain
    absolve my bane with saline drench.

    Vast Ocean! Whose moon-cited swell
    Reduced the proudest peak to fen,
    Digests skyscrapers, retches whales,
    But can’t abduct the strife within.

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    Welcome to the Forum - great to have you here!


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      I can "feel" the motion of the day - vivid capture - carrying me adrift. Wowza!