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    I Long

    I long for where my heart may dwell—
    where songs we share depart from hell,
    and throngs won’t dare to start to tell
    that wrongs are fair, and farts don’t smell.

    When lies are true and fake is real,
    die-hard blues will quake with zeal,
    then try a coup to make the steal—
    but when I get screwed, they break the deal.

    If you can’t think enough to know
    that you can’t drink the stuff they throw
    that always stinks of puff and blow,
    you’re on the brink and it’s rough below.

    I’m just fine with keeping sane,
    but some must whine like sheep in pain.
    They lust and pine and weep in vain,
    and bust from mining deep disdain.

    It’s duly clear a line is crossed.
    I truly fear an awful cost.
    We coolly peer at walls we’ve tossed
    and cruelly cheer at all we’ve lost.

    Some try to quell what we would say;
    they cry it’s well we shouldn’t pray;
    they vie to sell that we obey,
    but I still dwell in light of day.

    I could choose to plant a clue,
    or maybe use a rant or two,
    but few will lose their slanted view,
    so I refuse to grant them due.


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    Nailed the rantings of our day. Love it!