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    Judge me by my actions
    Hate me for whatever I say
    I won't be patronised or criticised
    Let me live life my own way

    Insinuate that I am weak
    Look down on me
    With the scorn and no emotion
    Dare to question my intention or beliefs
    My faith in this world and all of you
    Remains broken

    I don't give a fuck what you think of me
    But don't you ever look down on me

    Look at me with the evil eye
    While you hide your face
    Can you see through my suffering?
    Can you see the hurt on my face?

    Scorn me with the evil eye
    Brand me a disgrace
    Can you see the black thorns in my mind?
    Do you see the scars on my face?

    Or do you not fucking care?

    Hate me for who I am
    Punish me when I'm innocent
    'Cause you don't care
    You don't even know me
    Now, feel the retribution and rage
    From deep within

    Pardon the mild language, but this relates to how the most ignorant and repulsive of people take to others that aren't like them, and even I was a victim of this a few times in my life. The anger I've experienced is still with me, as evident from what I've written.

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    I understand this feeling to a milder extent...and certainly think you've captured the emotions that roil to the surface through your expression.

    I work on letting go of the angry feelings, as I don't want them to overshadow the natural wonder and beauty in the world.

    Writing things out, as you've done here, can be an excellent vehicle for that process. I hope you've found some peace in the writing...or are trending in that direction.