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The Amourette Autopsy

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  • The Amourette Autopsy

    The Amourette Autopsy

    In vesper’s curt caress there seems no bind
    To daylight’s brim or morning’s dire decree-
    Your vertigo embrace confounded vows,
    Within a steel wheeled cauldron we stirred swamps
    We hyperventilated hurricanes

    Cajoled embraces, arrogated from
    your groom and registry and welling eyes;
    Celestial bliss, we buzzed God's prayer vault.

    We even deemed the telescopic murk
    a trough where genuflections might could reach;
    You spun away to opium dens supine,
    I could not trace Icarian designs.
    You tiptoed the obituary scene
    Without your leaving even a toe’s wake-
    But in your swirl you must have slipped but once
    in its ambitious, enterprising ink.

    Oh butterfly why you abjured your wings,
    Regressed to the cocoon loom’s staid address?
    I wish I could interrogate your wraith
    by dream, concussion, disembodiment.
    Enraptured by your sallow soft trained tress-
    drapes gaped to manifest seraphic tones
    of fairness, though distraught by varying hues
    that sapience esteems the bends of life

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    Brian - welcome to the Forum! A pleasure to have you share your talents with us!!!


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      Hey, welcome to the forum, I hope that you'll enjoy being here.

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        "tiptoed...Without your leaving even a toe's wake--" I love that. This is a heady piece that requires from me a little research into words and references, but I got satisfaction somehow. Thanks for sharing, Brian Roberts.


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          John P. Turner Oh my - do I concur. I need a few more reflections in this lofty verse to fully appreciate it's message, I think.

          grant hayes Reminds me a bit of the poetry of Grant Hayes, where I needed to review my lexicographic databank before partaking.

          Sultry, nonetheless...for all the religious metaphor employed.

          Brian Roberts I also add my "welcome to the zone". I wonder, would you care to comment on the inspiration for this piece? I'd be interested to know more. At any rate...keep the word-works coming!