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    If your heart is in the right place, even the wrong thing is right
    If you can do it with a proud face, and aren't afraid of its sight

    Even if it appears dark as night, you can't always fear others views
    you know for yourself what is true, you can't just trust the news

    sometimes it is skewed, to serve a purpose,
    like an act in the circus, and they know how to work us

    but don't be nervous, there's an information surplus
    you can watch any station with a person in service
    you can spot moderation, or the surface that is wordless
    but what is for sure is, you should think for yourself

    it's your health, your stealth wells of unseen being
    it's whatever you're really feeling, your idea of wealth
    you can tell if you're overwhelmed, or if you've excelled
    if there's something you've withheld, due to fear or power

    here and now we're, doing our best,
    trying to make others impressed
    but the correct quest portal to take
    is to connect with our own morals to relate

    everyone makes mistakes, few things are proven
    the game is not power, it's evolution
    blame is a fear, here's a potential solution

    If heart is in the wrong place,
    move it, to where it needs to be to put a smile on your face
    nothing is a waste, you can rectify things at any time,
    decide how it should taste, whenever you are ready I think is is fine.

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    Bravo. Love the pace and message


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      A good read enjoyed the structure and content


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        Thank you guys <3


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          Your poetry is encouraging...much needed in the world today!


          • FixXxer
            FixXxer commented
            Editing a comment
            i appreciate that.. thank you for the encouragement to help keep me going