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  • Scapegoat

    Blame it for all their sadness
    Blame it for the loss of our jobs
    Blame it for our crying kids
    Blame it for the mental anguish
    Blame it on everything

    Blame it for economic woe
    Blame it for why they can't come
    Blame it for why we can't go on
    Blame it for all inconveniences
    Blame it on everything

    All reason and logic and explanation
    Cease to exist
    In this reality

    All reason and logic and explanation
    Deflected to the evil
    Of this reality

    It'll come as no surprise that for every bad thing that's happened, Covid always gets the blame. Everyone knows its restrictions imposed on people's lives by governments that's making people feel sad, angry and about to lose it, all for everyone's "safety". More so when they're dragged on from weeks to months.