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    You don't need to go to university, to learn the importance of biodiversity
    if you follow your curiosity, you will behold
    How everything plays its role, in maintaining balance for the whole.

    If something gains too much of an upper hand,
    the system struggles to stand. It may try to strike back,
    and we may find ourselves under attack.

    Could be disease or weather.
    Is there any form of control better?
    I ask for people to advance your stance, into living symbiotically
    with the planet, or we could cause catastrophe.
    We don't need to shape every last thing to our identity.
    Trees need some space to give us air to breathe.

    Our planet is our home, there is no where else to roam.
    How could we populate another celestial body,
    when the way we treat this planet can be so shoddy?

    Don't count on the suits, they are motivated by personal gain.
    In disputes, they will try to find somewhere else to place the blame.
    Do it yourself, be part of the solution.
    Don't support what you see causing excess pollution.

    Nothing is inherently bad, it's at what scale it is being done that causes that.
    The Earth is abundant in resources, until our greed causes shortages.
    As if we need to feed on the planet's livelihood, stripping it of its natural good.
    Forest wood, chopped, until there is nothing but crops.
    We arent the only species that needs to be feeded, don't be so conceited,
    I don't believe this

    We should be healin'-- not destroyin'.
    Like medicine for the Earth -- not a poison.
    Yet we force each other to work to survive,
    even if we don't believe in what we're doing inside.

    "Just doin my job" , "Go ask Bob",
    "Blame the system", who do you talk to so it will listen?

    I'm just wishing humanity, could see, the insanity
    of our unsustainability, and agree,
    to improve life for the entirety, without worry of money.
    Cause it's an energy, that motivates actions,
    amplified by the way we need it for many satisfactions.

    The people are the system,
    working together like pistons,
    trying to improve all of our existence
    Will you offer your assistance?
    Or do you prioritize monetary conditions?

    No matter who's atop the social totem pole,
    supporting life is worth its' weight in gold.
    Let's move from being creatures of control
    to creatures of the planets soul.

    Dammit. Foster the planet.

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    I read this from bottom to top a+ cool


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        A point well made we need to live according to different concepts-Economics as a planning tool for our societies organisation no longer helps us answer important questions


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          FixXxer - It has taken us 7 million years to get to this point today. We have evolved from primitive beings to beings who have only recently gotten a little smarter. It will take us a long while yet before we become wise, providing we don't decimate the planet before we get there. Enjoyed your work F. Namyh