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  • Apart

    Chemicals and touch is what makes us human
    A sense of togetherness creates this illusion
    Now, we're stripped of what we take for granted
    Isolation and grief is the last thing we ever wanted

    Everything fades to black
    Everything fades away
    I feel alone
    But for how long?

    Living this life in darker moods and the days so bleak
    Seeing each others faces through digital screens
    It's not the same, when we can't be together
    Solitude and fear, it can't go on forever

    Everything turns black
    Everything has faded away
    I feel alone
    So alone
    Until I die

    We had our times together
    Up until this point
    Now life has to change
    And we have no choice
    Sadness can overwhelm
    Like a blow to the heart
    Until there is calm
    We must spend the rest of our days
    Alone, apart

    My love, it's not the same when we can't be close
    Must we abandon our future and hopes?
    I'm already missing you, even the thought of your kiss
    Let's hope we can keep our hearts alive in times like this

    Everything is black
    Everything has gone away
    I feel alone
    So alone
    But at least you're here
    Even though it's not the same

    Social distancing and days of isolation... those were awful times back then.

    Also, just for clarification, the "chemicals" in question in the first verse relate to all of these.