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  • Dead Memory

    Brain dead
    My mind in rust
    My aspirations
    Lie in dust

    I wither, I debilitate
    I collapse
    I fade away

    Against my will
    Every thought melts
    My body stands still

    Try to continue
    Despite the deterioration
    No drive, no reason to live again
    No liberation

    What I am
    What had made me
    I feel so empty

    What I had
    What I used to be
    A dead memory

    What I was
    What I've become now
    I lie in misery

    Months and months of the pandemic leads to constant boredom, loss of motivation, and "brain fog". I think we can all relate to that.

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    I've had moments of this but thankfully, live out away from people in an area that had low numbers of the virus. I recognized the hysteria and media manipulation early on because of the hypocrisy and inconsistency, so I've felt over it for a long time.

    Still, I recognize that many have suffered and continue to suffer the after-affects and I think your poem nails that situation! Great write!


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      Although it doesn't look perfect to my eyes and wish I did it a little better. I'll admit that it was hard to capture 15 months of this crisis into this entry and maybe it's paid off.