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  • This Offer Never Ends

    Happy Forth of July everyone ! , it is my honor to re-post this , and remember " This Offer Never Ends

    This Offer Never Ends ( c ) Glen Mitton 2019

    Does the sight of the American flag make you gag ?
    When you hear Our National Anthem do you spasm ?
    Do you have a grievance with the Pledge of Allegiance ?
    Well Wait No More ! , Because There's the Door " !

    That's right folks ! , You Can Leave the Country and be
    " Crunchy " SOMEWHERE ELSE!
    No need to be melancholy " Pack Your bags Kemosabe " !
    This offer never ends ," Your Absence is Our Dividend " !

    Exit right now to a country of your choice !
    The sooner the better and we ( ahem ) YOU get to rejoice !
    If you salivate in hate there's no debate
    Do Us a Favor Neighbor , LEAVE !

    Your disdain is obviously growing
    Get that meatball rolling , " MAMMA MIA " !
    You think this country blows , THEN GO !!
    No need to bicker or reconsider !

    Renounce your citizenship here or abroad
    Receive a standing ovation from everyone involved
    Our government is standing by
    " We'll even help you cross the t's and dot the i's "

    " That's crazy folks " , " Yeah crazy like a fox " !
    " Don't forget to check that box "
    There's no Populace Deficit Ceiling !
    " Go with Your Feelings "!

    " BUT WAIT ! Hit the Brakes " ( SCREECH ) !

    If you act right now in the next 30 seconds
    It gives MORE TIME for more dissidents !
    Don't worry about the case load grinder
    We just add more pages to the binder ! ( Snap ! )

    Don't know where to start ?
    Just close your eyes and throw a dart
    Where it lands you can make a start
    We know you have it in your heart , " BULLSEYE " !

    So If you're Disgruntled and Befuddled
    Take a hike , and " POP " that bubble
    Here and now the gates are open
    Your validated ! , there's no tokens

    Don't let this opportunity slip !
    " It's just a myth that you'll be missed " !
    So Vamoose ! , you " Gander-less Goose " !
    Don't let the door knob hit you in the caboose !

    This offer is open to anyone who hates this country and is unwilling to
    become a productive member of THIS society
    This also includes the following , Slackers , Hackers , Carjackers , Bushwhackers ,
    Hijackers , Ransackers , “ okay I’ll stop “!
    Please act now before population quotas change , “ Dear God No “ !
    Need help , contact the U.S. embassy or Consulate of the country you are in ,
    appear in person before a U.S. consular or diplomatic officer, and sign an oath of renunciation

    Word !

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    It makes me sad that many feel content to complain and run down America with nary a nod to all of the GOOD done since her creation, and continuing to happen now. It's as if we're in an era of desecration at all balance, no tolerance, no ability or desire to think as individuals.

    Your poem speaks loudly to the frustration of those feeling swept aside in our current pathos of 'conformity at any cost'. Thanks for sharing!


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      Thank you for your support.. I must really sound like a broken record to you by now but I will keep on churning out and re-posting my thoughts with your permission .I just hope my poems hit home with some , Thanks again Glen