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  • Embers

    When the storm has done its damage
    What remains should be our expectation
    Don't think the problem has gone away, entirely
    Embers will burn for generations

    People may be safe, more than before
    We're out of crisis but there's still precautions
    Learn from what we did wrong and did right
    A memory that can't be forgotten

    Despite the ruin and everything lost
    We can move on from this darkest time
    Carry on loving, being close together
    Amidst the embers of an old crisis
    There's a new light

    The issue may be widespread
    But it's small enough to ignore
    Move on from the past
    Live how we did before

    Day and night, they will remain
    For as long as we breathe
    We can make peace with it
    No matter what the cynics believe


    To put it simply... after the pandemic by power of wonderful vaccines and other treatments, Covid will remain endemic (but only because it has spread so far and wide and wasn't nipped in the bud like for SARS). Despite this, our freedoms and what we took for granted can resume.

    And the "cynics" is a jab at silly airy-fairy people with their "zero Covid" rubbish. We need to learn to live with it, as we do with flu and every other disease the world has seen for millenia.

  • #2
    Like all previous strains - and any new ones to follow (there WILL be new ones), they remain to be managed - not by government agencies imposing ever-stricter measures - but by individuals making good choices based on truthful information...

    And there's the rub...unfortunately in this most recent and continuing chapter of life on earth as human, facts have been muddled, manipulated, or misdirected. I don't know why a good person would do that.

    The most responsible, loving thing has always been to give a person true, solid, useful information and let him/her decide on action for him/herself.