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  • Digital Disease

    Taking over
    Life is changing

    Wires and cyberspace
    Welded into our minds
    Even after the crisis has passed

    Taking control
    On every aspect
    Of our lives

    Wires and cyberspace
    Embedded to our souls
    Forever we live in our own darkness

    We are the enslaved
    We are the naive
    We're gradually taken over
    By digital disease

    We are the detached
    We are the lonely
    We've become nothing
    Behind each other's screens

    What we had learned in real life
    Rots away into the void, long forgotten
    The more we depend
    The more it kills
    Is this how we should live our future lives?

    My next jab about Covid life... but this time about work-from-home and other things been taken online.

    Yes, internet and technology have helped people even at pre-pandemic times but it must NOT take over people's lives. You can tell I'm quite blunt about it from what I've written up.

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    Spot on. Although I like to use the computer, telephone, television, etc. (electronics in general) for many things, I'm trying to step away more and more...get outside, get moving, read a book, work on hobbies...I think it's helped a lot to disengage when so much of the media peddles panic and fear.

    It's summer where I live, an easier season to engage nature. But I'm thinking ahead to winter projects too.

    Hoping you are doing well and finding ways to enrich yourself and your surroundings sans "digitization". Blessings!