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  • Taxpayers Pay

    Taxpayers Pay

    With taxpayers’ pay, the ax-slayers slay—
    gleefully fleecing their prey.
    We sheep in their keep do nothing but sleep,
    while everything’s taken away.

    We’d better get going; their pace isn’t slowing,
    they no longer hide and it’s showing.
    It’s better we try than just sit here and cry—
    herded along with our knowing!

    It’s certainly true: their numbers are few,
    but they dole us a poisonous brew.
    We’re thick and we’re sick, unable to click.
    In whole, we’re put quickly in queue…

    Tight in our jamb, who gives a damn?
    Who’s true and who’s part of the scam?
    From those who would reap, we have something to keep,
    before muttons get cut into lamb.

    Enough of the sham, tell them to scram.
    Tell them what, when and where they can cram it.
    We all play a part, so please display heart,
    and turn into battering rams!