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Down the stairs

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  • Down the stairs

    Down the stairs

    Looking down the stairs
    Humid as any night
    Liquid my steps
    Soiled a carpet kept
    Two houses years apart
    Music the maestro
    A boy on a fence
    A love affair with darkness
    Valleys and valleys
    Purple heights
    Incensed with deadly perfume
    Window screens and trains
    Praying to the baseball gods
    My father would arrive home soon
    The river is a carnivore
    Rushing towards virgins
    Ignoring power and any history
    Consuming the flesh of this earth
    Of our rocks and salutation
    Consuming the naked ignorant
    Delivering moisture to the parched land
    Devouring present tense
    And children looking forward
    Drown like swimmers to far from shore
    Gasp and raise a hand
    Your darkness is but a moment
    The water rushing
    Sooth the soul and the tipping
    Your life a monument of sun
    Smile while you can

    The second