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  • Clockwork

    We're walking around in circles
    What exactly are we avoiding?
    Nothing exists

    Go forward, never turn back
    In case death crosses our path
    We're controlled like puppets
    Based on a lie

    We're moving along in all directions
    Just to keep our souls alive
    We're being played

    Don't break the cycle, they say
    Or there'll be punishment
    Rebuked and hated
    Based on a lie

    Bodies flow like clockwork
    Dictated to observe the rules
    We all come and go
    It goes like clockwork
    In the end, we're taken by fools


    One Covid restriction that gets on my nerves... one-way systems. Sure, in from one set of doors and out another but to walk round one half of the room to get out? That's just stupid, really.

    I'll be looking forward to seeing that dropped as with everything else we lived with for 15 months.

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    Lots of intentional confusion and manipulation mixed along in with the very real threat. I hear your frustration loudly here.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      Yep, you can tell I'm quite pissed off with it all.