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  • White Feathers

    Freedom and peace flies so high
    Until it takes the wrong turn
    Shot down, against its will
    Now, a city burns

    White feathers, fallen down
    Nothing left, except the hate
    Deep inside our minds as we're controlled
    Fighting back is never too late

    Freedom and peace, taken for granted
    Why think about the cruelty?
    Government doesn't care
    No rights for all eternity

    White feathers, strewn at our feet
    And the blood that rained
    Onto vengeful hands and broken minds
    Our freedom, our love and peace
    We can reclaim and resuscitate

    When there's control, there is anger
    When there's anger, there will be blood
    Let's take revenge for what is lost

    Freedom is what keeps us alive
    Freedom is what makes us human
    Cruelty and oppression, without reason
    Only lets out the worst of us

    No matter what they do
    No matter how often they preach us
    Freedom will fly again

    I had the dove in mind, and everyone should know what that symbolises... and this relates to the countless anti-lockdown protests we've been seeing, because now people are really fed up. Even myself.

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    I saw video of the protests there on the morning news - thank you for sharing with us!


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      great job . top to bottom.

      Negative emotions MUST be expressed, poetry is a great way of doing so. I agree with everything you say.