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    The Earth is a brain.
    Life, Earth's cells, can tell when it's in pain.
    From it we can gain, an ability to learn and stay sane.

    Why do people insist to survive?
    To keep themselves alive...
    Is it their own individual universe inside?

    While most species hide...
    Ours looks to the skies and tries..
    to worship a being, said to be all-seeing...
    Much how the sun casts light, on everything in sight.
    Something you cannot touch, but still you feel it just as much.

    What if this God has such a love, it gives us free will?
    Decide for ourselves, who gets to be on top of our social hill.

    What if helping you, means being untrue, to another version of yourself?
    Hurting your own health, with either choice, can't only follow one voice.

    It's probably best to stay away, let them work it out themselves.
    Don't want to have to pick favourites today...
    Both sides are justified, in the eyes of the divine, most times.

    It's our own duty to combine, our perception from everyone's side.
    Remove our egos sometimes, we're all here on the same ride...
    Working to row the same boat..
    The only thing that is clear, is that we cant decide who is steering, or where.

    Do not cast a stone in fear.
    Release the obsession, to defend with aggression.
    Hostility is futility, breeding energy.
    No friend of peace, it seeks for all to be deceased.
    Know you are right, you know your own sight,
    But so does your neighbour, so don't allow your behaviour
    to unjustly sway the scales of balance and karma

    Simply sound the alarm on, your awareness
    Search for the ground of fairness.
    If you care this, can feel effortless.
    Although it can be tough when not reciprocated,
    do not be intimidated.
    Soothe the beast with compassion and care,
    A battle of passion can be spared.

    True peace comes from a release of the need to control
    That which you desire will certainly take hold,
    But as it comes to fruition, do not forget your former position.
    For if you experience loss you will be wishin' things were different.
    and if you gain, whatever you've desired...
    An appreciative attitude of gratitude
    will help you with your initiative to maintain what you've acquired.

    Believe in your own brain,
    so it shall again rain, whenever it's required,
    To shower power on the beauty of your flower,
    And extinguish the flames, that burn your pain,
    It's time to rekindle your ability to learn, stay sane.

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