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    I like

    Boy I like how your river runs
    Through fields of clover overflowing
    Foxes and a dog on the hunt
    They and all memories getting older
    You better listen to the tiny voices in your head
    Better listen to them
    Before you can’t get yourself out of that sickbed
    East to west north to south
    Against a beautiful rising and setting sun
    Don’t step out of line
    Spill your junk on forbidden love

    She crept around
    Threw stones at my window
    Woke me up in a dream
    I’m still a boy
    Grasping for the future
    Stuck in a life that has no meaning
    Reading words on the wall

    Why has the glass of your eyes caught me?
    Cast me into a man
    Sister I must have dreamt of you
    I must have dreamt of a previous land
    I must have dreamt a million dreams
    But nothing has tuned me into where heaven goes
    Where dose heaven go when it leaves you?
    I like to know
    Where dose heaven go?

    The second

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    Does it leave you in blood and only halved? To a sun with no recompense forced to always long, and gaze and while because? Or winter with its shutting doors, does it enter in anyway, and make you wait and wait itself? Like stalling grinding shifting broken plates, or like jaws that close and then Night comes. Does it follow you in filtered light leaking of blue and glass mosaic beautiful shadow ... and end in the light of a rainbow?
    But filaments of amberglass and feeling good.
    I like an arrow pointing there. In heaven that might break the clouds, might make the day and night at once, in rhymes of torrid rain and turbid thunder, might fall and blossom in puddles so, and all to collect with you?...

    Where is heaven but the locale of a memory made more alive by what we do. Heaven goes back to blue.


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      One day I had a conversation with a friend. and he told me how Murphy's Law was "screwing with him"... "Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong", he said.

      I told him "That law is bullcrap.. EVERYTHING?.. ALWAYS?.. no way that can be true.. you can walk, you can breathe, your kids are safe... I can go on"

      He responded with.. "Yea, I know. just really seems like it lately"

      I proceeded to ask him, "What is your favourite colour?".. honestly having no idea what he would say, to which he replied "Green"

      In an attempt to get him to see the bright side, I asked him to look out into the world and tell me the first colour he saw.. and he said "Red", and pointed out a relatively small red sign.

      Which led me to ask, "If green is your favourite, why is the first thing you see red? We are outside.. there is green everywhere if you look a little higher (tree leaves) or lower (grass)." And told him to do whatever he wants with that information and perspective.

      If you are asking me... this is where heaven goes...
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