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  • The Path to Travel

    “ Believe so you can receive my seeds from a dream of a midsummer's eve.
    Please Perceive – everything you can achieve. Release your leash, and be free for all eternity”

    The wind whispers gentle inspiration in your ear,
    It's mental, but still you hear,
    sparks of an inferno raging,
    while your heart beat keeps racing.
    It's gracing, fueling your motivation,
    giving you the concentration, to defeat your fear.

    You are aware,
    patience will be needed to sate your fire,
    and perseverance will help you in obtaining your desire.
    As you perspire, from maintaining the flame's backfire,
    you admire the beauty in hellfire.
    Your eyes decide you have acquired the knowledge you required.
    You take note of how when you're inspired..
    You'll strive to be your best,
    Avoid obsessing over missteps.
    You'll keep at your reps, and respect the process.

    With this,
    you know you will generate,
    a great state, for your strengths to elevate.
    You'll fix your mistakes,
    You know you have what it takes.
    You can innovate,
    with elegance to bring influence,
    to your dreams.
    Remembering how many times that you've seen,
    things are not as their appearance's seem.

    You smile and give yourself consent to be content
    because you know each moment is the present,
    and this one is merely a segment.
    It keeps moving, it's not stuck in cement.

    This motivates you to live with intent.
    Even if you must try to invent, or maybe augment,
    a new style, that YOU find worth while,
    and fits YOUR own level of guile.

    You realize sometimes...
    Until you've really tried...
    You don't know what disguise complies
    and services, (serva-sizes)
    your quest to best symbolize,
    true beauty in your eyes.
    Comprehended how it was intended, by the other sides.

    So you'll take the time to learn,
    knowing you have always yearned,
    to be better, than whatever,
    negative things others may have tried to discern

    The flames suddenly shines bright,
    Causes you to awake from your dazing slumber,
    Blazing lumber captures your sight.
    With laughter, you're quickly reacting.
    Adapting to ensure you do not burn,
    Like this, the “point of no return” does not exist,
    and this has you notice...
    A valuable tool to sustain from feelings of being a fool.

    Anticipating strange changes without hesitating
    as if you've always been waiting...
    You start contemplating..
    “Is this meditating?”
    "Am I awaking?"
    "Has the goal ever been faking?"

    As the fire crackles down to coal,
    you calmly search in your soul.
    Down the rabbit's hole, the lavish home of your castle.
    You inspect with a growing urgence, no hassle

    Your flowing intellect, bursts, and

    with a glowing effect, it surges...

    like a rainbow bath, unraveled.

    You know the path to travel.

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      Clever turns of phrases on this lexical journey.


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        Originally posted by RhymeLovingWriter View Post
        Clever turns of phrases on this lexical journey.
        Thank you <3


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          What a beautiful poem. I was impressed by your style to the depths of my soul. As if I managed to go on a journey while reading these lines.


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            Originally posted by JustinDavidson View Post
            What a beautiful poem. I was impressed by your style to the depths of my soul. As if I managed to go on a journey while reading these lines.
            You made writing this feel so much more worth the time/ effort/ thought... with that comment..

            I cannot thank you enough. I appreciate it.. and .. you.


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              One of your best poems. I enjoyed especially how you started out the poem .


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                <3 thank you for taking the time to read it

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              Originally posted by kyrasubmit
              Every person planning a vacation and wishing to travel long distances, first of all, thinks about the choice of transport. There are two alternatives plane and train.
              I suppose that depends how far you want... or expect.. to go... i prefer to walk short distances

              Originally posted by FixXxer View Post

              You made writing this feel so much more worth the time/ effort/ thought... with that comment..

              I cannot thank you enough. I appreciate it.. and .. you.
              i feel the need to fixXx this comment...

              as an individual, it was a lot of work..
              i stayed up for several hours past tired..
              but i was obsessed with getting it just right..
              almost as if i was "sleeping, while awake"..
              kind of in a trance..
              or "tapped into my guardian angels"..
              higher self..
              spirit.. source.. whatever you want to refer to it as..

              and while i am thankful..
              and grateful..
              for all comments and reading..

              i thank "them" or "it" for ..
              being the one(s) to bring this into existence..

              because that...
              compared to trying to "force" my work..
              was much easier ...
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                Very beautiful, it moved me.


                • FixXxer
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                  Thank you

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                Travelling is always beautiful, and it's doubly so if you do it with the person you love. So last summer, I decided to surprise my wife before her birthday. I had the idea of buying two tickets to the sunny islands, where we could spend time together sunbathing, walking on the beach by hand, and meeting the sunrise! Upon hearing such news, my significant other was thrilled. Next, our plan of action was to find a place to stay before we left for our trip. To do this, we turned to, where we were given a beautiful, spacious beachfront home with a beautiful view! Finally, I advise you to pamper your women more often.
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                  Originally posted by asensio View Post
                  I advise you to pamper your women more often.
                  my woman is the light of my life if ever I cannot find it in myself.

                  thank you, I agree.. I have been much more lately. the wheel of fortune seems to have finally spun back into my favor. and i couldnt be more grateful.


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                    Welcome to a journey of discovery and adventure. The world is full of diverse landscapes, cultures, and experiences waiting to be explored. The path to 제주도 유흥 travel is a personal one, with each step revealing new insights and perspectives. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or just starting out, this journey is about embracing the unknown and opening yourself up to the beauty and wonder of the world around you. So, pack your bags and join us on the path to travel.


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                      The path to travel is unique to each individual. It may involve stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risks, or it may involve finding contentment in the familiar. Regardless of the path you choose, it is important to keep an open mind and embrace and Compare Cheap Flights​ journey, as it is often through the challenges and experiences that we grow and learn the most. So whether you are embarking on a new adventure or simply enjoying the present moment, remember that the path to travel is not just a physical journey, but a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.​


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