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  • The Path to Travel

    “ Believe so you can receive my seeds from a dream of a midsummer's eve.
    Please Perceive – everything you can achieve. Release your leash, and be free for all eternity”

    The wind whispers gentle inspiration in your ear,
    It's mental, but still you hear,
    sparks of an inferno raging,
    while your heart beat keeps racing.
    It's gracing, fueling your motivation,
    giving you the concentration, to defeat your fear.

    You are aware,
    patience will be needed to sate your fire,
    and perseverance will help you in obtaining your desire.
    As you perspire, from maintaining the flame's backfire,
    you admire the beauty in hellfire.
    Your eyes decide you have acquired the knowledge you required.
    You take note of how when you're inspired..
    You'll strive to be your best,
    Avoid obsessing over missteps.
    You'll keep at your reps, and respect the process.

    With this,
    you know you will generate,
    a great state, for your strengths to elevate.
    You'll fix your mistakes,
    You know you have what it takes.
    You can innovate,
    with elegance to bring influence,
    to your dreams.
    Remembering how many times that you've seen,
    things are not as their appearance's seem.

    You smile and give yourself consent to be content
    because you know each moment is the present,
    and this one is merely a segment.
    It keeps moving, it's not stuck in cement.

    This motivates you to live with intent.
    Even if you must try to invent, or maybe augment,
    a new style, that YOU find worth while,
    and fits YOUR own level of guile.

    You realize sometimes...
    Until you've really tried...
    You don't know what disguise complies
    and services, (serva-sizes)
    your quest to best symbolize,
    true beauty in your eyes.
    Comprehended how it was intended, by the other sides.

    So you'll take the time to learn,
    knowing you have always yearned,
    to be better, than whatever,
    negative things others may have tried to discern

    The flames suddenly shines bright,
    Causes you to awake from your dazing slumber,
    Blazing lumber captures your sight.
    With laughter, you're quickly reacting.
    Adapting to ensure you do not burn,
    Like this, the “point of no return” does not exist,
    and this has you notice...
    A valuable tool to sustain from feelings of being a fool.

    Anticipating strange changes without hesitating
    as if you've always been waiting...
    You start contemplating..
    “Is this meditating?”
    "Am I awaking?"
    "Has the goal ever been faking?"

    As the fire crackles down to coal,
    you calmly search in your soul.
    Down the rabbit's hole, the lavish home of your castle.
    You inspect with a growing urgence, no hassle

    Your flowing intellect, bursts, and

    with a glowing effect, it surges...

    like a rainbow bath, unraveled.

    You know the path to travel.

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      Clever turns of phrases on this lexical journey.


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        Originally posted by RhymeLovingWriter View Post
        Clever turns of phrases on this lexical journey.
        Thank you <3


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          What a beautiful poem. I was impressed by your style to the depths of my soul. As if I managed to go on a journey while reading these lines.


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            Originally posted by JustinDavidson View Post
            What a beautiful poem. I was impressed by your style to the depths of my soul. As if I managed to go on a journey while reading these lines.
            You made writing this feel so much more worth the time/ effort/ thought... with that comment..

            I cannot thank you enough. I appreciate it.. and .. you.


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              Wow, what a wonderful poem! Amazing! Every line comes out in the heart! The kind of lexical orgasm in every stanza! When I read this poem, I immediately remembered my honeymoon to Hawaii! There we had a week full of romance and love... Such wonderful moments... Especially the stunning sunsets that we saw at Kalaupapa peninsula, which was leper colony hawaii at one time. Oh, those wonderful moments that I spent there with my husband! This poem reminded me of every moment spent with my love! Thanks for the good mood!
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                Thank you <3

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              One of your best poems. I enjoyed especially how you started out the poem .


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                <3 thank you for taking the time to read it

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              Travelling is a great way to get away from routine life and try something new. When people travel, they get positive energy and new strength to move on and achieve their goals. I try not to visit cities and countries repeatedly, and every time I go to a new undiscovered place. But there is one place in the world where I am ready to return again and again - Costa Rica. You're probably wondering what drew me to that place. One company organizes bird-watching tours, can you imagine? If your focus is more about romance, family adventure, or general interest can help you. I'm sure you will be very impressed.
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                Well said! Thanks for reading and the comment <3